Life in Color

Short film from Israel

Life in Color is about the pursuit of purpose, passion, connection & belonging. 

Jerusalem in 60 Seconds - The Kotel

Short Film

Join my family and I on our trip to the Jerusalem or more specifically the Kotel (Western Wall) in 60 seconds.

Just Keep Swimming - Short Film

Eilat, Israel (The Red Sea)

A short film from Israel about stepping into your purpose in life and letting go of the past, not allowing fear to hold you back from receiving God's promises in your life. 

This is Israel

Short Film

I had a blast making this film with my media school friends at KSM in Jerusalem, Israel. 

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Follow along with us and explore the world through the eyes of a camera lens! Take part in our crazy adventures, travels, mountain top moments, bloopers and everything in between.

Come Along!

Created by: Liat Nesher