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Our vision is to reach the next generation & represent Israel through media from a Messianic perspective.

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Online Content

Help us send forth "the Torah from Zion & the Word of the Lord from Jerusalem!"

(Isaiah 2:3)

Your support helps fund our content creation department as we send out faith-based messages through films, articles, devotionals etc to reach the next generation through media!

Ministry in Israel

Just as Yeshua said He came to the 'lost sheep of the house of Israel' we are passionate about reaching out to local, Jewish, Israelis with the love of Yeshua.

Young Adult Discipleship

We want to fulfill the command of God to go and make disciples of all the earth.


We are working towards providing a space for young adults to come from around the world and get discipled in their faith, grow in their giftings and connect to the Land. 

Media with a Message seeks to inspire, encourage & educate the next generation in their faith from a Messianic, Israeli perspective.

- Liat Nesher



Making a difference & impacting lives around the world:


Our is blog reaching over 1,000 faithful readers a month, in over 20 different countries including: Australia, South Africa, Paraguay, China, Japan, Venezuela, Nigeria, Costa Rica, India, Thailand & more!


In the last 4 months alone we have completed 8 articles, 15+ videos, 50+ mini devotionals for young adults and have begun recording original Hebrew/English worship music!

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Annointing Oil

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For a donation of $100 or more you can receive upon request, a free anointing oil from Jerusalem!

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We pray that God will bless you for being a blessing!

Hebrew Course

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For a donation of $75 or more you can receive a free gift from Israel that will help you learn Hebrew as well as a discounted rate on our Online Hebrew Course upon request. 

Created by: Liat Nesher