Grow your faith


"Do not despise the day of small beginnings."  (Zech. 4:10)

I remember writing my first draft of a book at 12 years old feeling confident and ready to become a best seller and conquer the world but that's not exactly how things unfolded...


I still had years of development to undergo before I could reach some of my goals that God placed on my heart from a young age. 

You probably have dreams and goals hidden inside your heart as well put there by God. He wants to see those ambitions come to fruition in your life but in order for you to reach a place of maturity and ability to bear fruit God will take you on a journey of getting "planted" 

See I am doing a new thing!

Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland.

- Isaiah 43:19

Spring  Up

Spring up: "emerge, begin to be noticed, start to exist suddenly."

There are many instances in the bible where God radically changes the lives of people in a single day. 

Esther goes from being an Orphan to a Queen, Joseph goes from being a slave to second in command, David from shepherd boy to giant slayer, Moses from a run away to one of the greatest leaders in history.  


True, that their journey took years to unfold into their destiny stemmed from humble beginnings however if we examine each one of their stories smack dab in the middle is a moment where they encounter God. When God aligns their giftings with their destiny and brings it all together according to his plan. 

For Esther it was the day she came before the Queen, for Joseph it was when he got called upon to interpret a dream, for David it was that fateful day on the battlefield and for Moses it was the burning bush that ushered him into his purpose and finally granted him the permission he needed to say "it's time, get ready, YOU are the chosen one to lead my people to freedom." 

All of this to say that although there may be a long season of being "underground" of feeling "hidden" unnoticed, buried and forgotten, there will come a time that God it going to cause you to spring up and suddenly turn things around in your favor. 

Many of us are waiting for that time when we'll finally be visible, in the spotlight, our gifts and talents being used and on display for all to see. God wants to first develop us and grow our roots so that when we do spring up and the spot light is shining down on us that all others would be able to see is His Spirit and truth in us. 


There's an incredible thing that happens with bamboo. It spends three years growing underground with no apparent signs of progress above the surface at all until suddenly it breaks forth and shoots up. It rapidly advances so quickly it's astonishing. 

I heard this message on the three year mark of being in a city that I desperately wanted to get out of and felt stuck in a rut with escape far off on the horizon. 

It encouraged me to remember that what God grows beneath the surface will eventually become evident in it's time. When I'm doing a sloppy job on something I can throw it together in a couple minutes but when I'm invested into something that I truly believe in and want to succeed there is no limit to time I will spent perfecting every detail (sometimes to a fault.) 

In the same way God is the potter and we are his clay! We are his masterpiece and he is working on developing us!

In today's society we want everything #instaready ASAP (as soon as possible.) But that's often not God's way of doing things. 

"He has made everything beautiful in it's time. " (ecc.)

Don't lose heart though! Because there WILL come a God ordained season in your life to "spring up" and begin to be seen, rapidly grow, increase and become established. 

You may be in a bamboo season right now but don't lose sight of God's plan in the process. He's bringing you out into the world at exactly the right time to reveal your uniqueness to the world. 

Even after you reach the next level there is always room to grow, new heights to achieve and fruit to bear so remember to enjoy the journey :) 

Flowers Fade


What girl doesn't love getting a bouquet of flowers? 

Flowers are pretty, smell nice, bring color and beauty to a room but the problem with flowers is that they don't last. 

We can choose to be flowers, only remain underground for a short time growing ourselves and spring up pre-maturely bringing a smatter of purpose into the world before fading away. 

Or we can choose to let our roots dig deep and wait patiently as we develop into something able to bear fruit and leave behind a lasting legacy. 



Flowers appear on the earth; the season of singing has come

song of solomon2:12


It would be easy to live life if God told us his harvest season would align with our schedule.


That we would be married by ___ age and be in ___ line of work for ____ duration of time.

But it's not that simple. 

It takes faith to be buried in the soil of uncertainty and keep growing.


Just like a delicate flower when given the right amount of time and care it will naturally blossom and open up into greater beauty, maturity and purpose.


However when forced open it never achieves it's purpose and full potential. 

Don't force your rose-bud open! Stay attentive to God's voice and trust in His timing. 

"Don't force what God's already fixed in place to unfold& flourish..."

For everything there is a season..." 

"Perhaps the reason why you are drawn to flowers is not only for their outer beauty...

- Morgan Harper Nichols

but because they remind you that beautiful things will bloom after the long seasons of waiting.

— Morgan Harper Nichols

Do I look happy to you? 

Well that's because I was! I got the opportunity to help volunteer at the Dream Centre is L.A. one summer and as I was unloading a food truck someone handed me an entire pile of beautiful flowers. 

"The food company must have also had extra flowers left over. If you want them keep them!" he said simply. 

I snatched...er... graciously accepted his gift and sauntered off proudly holding my bodyweight in petals of various shapes and colors. 

Others gawked at the sight of my tiny self being engulfed with flowers I could barely drag around... lets just say I felt blessed. 

Then, as I hauled them back to my room I stared at the pile of slowly withering beauties. There's no sense in keeping them locked up for myself. I immediately knew I wanted to give them all away to anyone I could find.


The next day we stood on the street handing out bouquets to mom's picking up their kids from school in an impoverished area and inviting them to attend our faith based after school program. 


Bring the whole tithe... and see if I will not throw open the floodgates of heaven and pour out so much blessing that there will not be room enough to store it." (Malachi 3:10)

Listen, when we're so blessed we can't stuff it all in store-rooms for fear we won't have enough! Our automatic response should be to give back. 

The truth is, we are blessed to be a blessing to others

You may be thinking "wow, that's great for you! But nothing like that ever happens to me. I'm barley scraping by right now, I have NOTHING to give!" 

I understand, I've been through that and I understand the fear and panic that comes along with feeling like you don't have enough, like you aren't enough! 

But the word of God says that "what we sow we will reap." Whatever we need or want we can ask our heavenly father and he will provide for us. Even more than that we can use faith AND works by giving out what we so desperately need ourselves. 

It's not easy to tithe when you're living paycheck to paycheck. It's also not easy to give love and attention when you yourself feel ignored. You really want to stretch yourself? Give your time when you feel like you have none and every inch of your schedule is already filled to the brim. That is the heart God is working to cultivate in me and wants to see unfold in you as well.


The enemy always wants us to feel like we'll never have enough, like WE aren't enough. But God consistently shows us that he cares for us and loves us so much we don't have to worry. More than that we can be a blessing to others and let our heart's overflow into the lives of others who need to see an example of God's love. 

"Anything of value is going to take a process & any process is going to take patience. 


The only thing harder than waiting is wishes you would have."

- Banning Leibscher, Rooted





- Steven Furtick, Elevation Church


Let me know how our "PLANTED" series is impacting you. I'd love to hear your feedback and experience.  

Created by: Liat Nesher